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Challenge of creativity

WE WORK with our

We need a challenge, you need our ideas .

something short and sweet about us

Company Kreativni laboratorij d.o.o. is an agency specializing in Marketing, Public Relations, organization of events , graphic design , web pages SEO , social networks , photo and video production, exhibition engineering , project management in media buying . We are a young company with a professional, motivated team of creative collaborators , which has many years of experience .


The bond between blank paper
and origami bird is the idea.


Remove the idea we are left with blank paper.
Remove the paper, leaving only an empty idea. 



We need a challenge you need our ideas.
Together we can make an origami bird.



WHAT can we do for YOU?

The creative laboratory process and the pace of work is adapted to the nature of the project and the customer. WE interact and formulate content that reflects the client's wishes and expectations , the result of work is an innovative product with a touch of individualitys of a customer.


the art of marketing

"Even in the deepest valleys you find the water and over the highest mountain you find a way. " ( Kurdish proverb )
With our help, you will pave the way to reliably impacting visibility, effective and extensive sales promotions.


7th force of market interventions

»Through thorns to the stars.« (latin proverb)
With the experience and knowledge to build a solid bridge between you, the media and the public, while ensure that your advertising campaign is unique and highly targeted .


instruments of publicity

»It is important to know when to speak and when to remain silent.« (latin porverb)
Ključ do uspešnega oblikovanja naklonjenosti javnosti je premišljena komunikacija, začinjena s kančkom iznajdljivosti.


visual experience

"The one who wants, finds a way." (Italian porverb)
The most important human sense is the eye and the CreativeLab team with the proper visual approach ensures that the eyes of your audience sees what you want to express.


designing unforgetable events

"The act is only cover to the idea" (unkown author)
Vrtinec obveznosti, ki spremljajo zasnovo in izvedbo dogodka prepustite nam - vi pa opravite najpomembnejšo vlogo – uživajte in ustvarjajte prijetne spomine.


web design

»We believe what we see not what we hear . « (Slovenian proverb)
You have 3 seconds to attract attention - Stand out and be different with a sophisticated website, which is a special tankočutnostjo created for you by our team of creatives.


social platforms

»Nice word finds nice places.« (Slovenian porverb)
Facebook , YouTube, Twitter , Google+ and other online media offer endless oportunities where a company can presnt itself in innovative ways to target audience .


magic moments captured

»A picture says more than 10 000 words. "( Chinese proverb )
A look at the picture and a moving picture is accompanyied by memories - we make sure that the pleasant memories, are unforgettable captured moments .


these are only a few of our past challenges

From the time when our paper got an idea and became a beautiful origami bird, a large amount of projcts were done. Here are just a few of our challenges. You want to see more? Join us for coffe!

Our clients are important to us

The client is at the heart of the project and because we are aware, we invest all our ideas , energy and knowledge to the project. Personal approach enables us to precisely know the client's desire to adapt the required pace and fullfil the project successfully with mutual satisfaction derived.

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